Weather, weather, whether or not

umbrella Every year is the same dilemma, maybe it’s just taking me a long time to learn my lessons. When to put up, put on, the storm windows? You don’t want to put them on too early as they all but eliminate the ability to get fresh air; notwithstanding the usual drafts. Too late and you’re left trying to carry massive sheets of glass with numb fingers using draft caulking that’s frozen hard. Well, I erred again this year.  That last little burst of warm fall weather left me thinking I should delay just one more week. Afterall we had the windows open listening to the crickets in October laying on top of the sheets glad we could have the windows open. We even had guests turning on the air-conditioner.  Will it ever stop raining a blowing?

The summer was so damp that so far none of the storm windows that apparently fit prior to this year fit. Reluctantly I pull out a hand-plane and gingerly trim the edges of windows. I felt rather bad about resorting to this measure until I encountered a window that had a strip of wood nailed on with so many nails that it looked like a pair of hobnailed boots. Ok, so this is not the first time in the history of this house that storms have been ‘adjusted’; may I not error so far on the over-trimming. The poor sot adjusting this window perhaps had hit his witts end and went wild with the hand-plane. I can appreciate this state of mind. Ever dealt with what appears to be the right Tupperware lid only to have to go through a whole cupboard of lids never finding the one that will quite pop-on? Try doing that with lids that weight in at 80lbs.

One upside of this errant delay is I will probably be able to hang the Christmas lights at the same time unless the weather suddenly starts to co-operate.

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