A boutique wedding

I suppose this should have really been posted on April 1st (April Fools Day) but then who would have believed it if I had. Well at least who would have believed it in the morning, since Aprils Fools jokes end at noon. Thankfully we chose to get married late afternoon in a beautiful boutique wedding. Now lots of folks wonder; just what is a boutique wedding? Well that’s a polite way of saying small, intimate, and inclusive of only the people you’d actually spend time with at a much bigger wedding. For those who know us, they know, so far we’ve done everything entirely backwards so it only seems fitting that the latest thing we’ve done is get married. It’s an long odd, sometime scandalous ,though hardly unique, story that has brought us to this wonderful place in time. We spend nearly every day entirely together, after all that is the reality of being InnKeepers, and yet each day I marvel at how wonderful life is and how blessed we are to share our lives with each other and our guests.

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