Why do I have any tree’s left ?

brushpileI’m starting to think that twigs, and tree limbs actually grow under snow. The snow is completely melted again and just like last time the snow melted there is a whole new crop of twigs and limbs that apparently grew under the blanket of snow. I use to think rocks grew under snow but as it turns out it’s rocks, twigs, and tree limbs do. I swear they can’t be coming from the trees as surely there would be no trees left if that many limbs fell off them. Now lets put this into perspective, I have a burn pit. It’s not your usual burn pit. It’s a big burn pit, think of a foundation for a moderately large green house. Technically you’re only allowed to have a 9×9 burn pit; i think of it as a front 9×9 and a back 9×9 where I only burn one at a time, well that’s always my intention. In any event,we recently had a burn day for the twigs and limbs and there were three piles; one in the burn pit and enough to fill it twice over 6ft high… So all those twigs, sticks, and limbs surely can’t be coming off my trees or I’d have no trees at all. So if anyone knows what I can spray on the lawn before the next snow to prevent the growth of twigs, branches, limbs, and rocks. Please let me know. For now,  I’ll be out gathering enough sticks to fill the burn pit(s) again.

If you see a huge glow in the sunset, maybe it’s not a sunset at all; it’s burn day at the Montrose Inn.



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