Welcome to my HOME

11800249_547394758751345_5423107838618916772_nWe’re doing great! Actually it’s been an amazing year here at the Montrose Inn. We’re constantly rank #1; of course that has an unusual side-effect. We’re gleefully meeting wide eye couples that have never stayed at a B&B before. I suspect that has more to do with on-line booking than an adventurous spirit, fortunately most folks simply embrace and venture forth with no expectations, though sometimes with trepidation. The most common question; you, umm… well live here ? That’s probably the coolest part actually. Yes we live here and yup inviting total strangers to share part of our house and inevitably a snippet of our lives. No, we don’t live in a secluded part of the house away from prying eyes. Yes, we have some (really cool secret places) we can hide in if it really gets to be too much but it rarely does so that explains why those really-cool-secret-places seem to collect dust and boxes. No that’s not a wild mascot, that’s actually our (soon to be) four year old pretending to be a zombie of some other apocalyptic creature (thanks older brother). We’re not 100% sure, but I think we probably live more in the open than most B&B’s. It’s a really great house and we love it so we live in it and we’re super happy to share, because, well that’s who we are.

If, wherever you live and grow up is normal, then for Wren (part time apocalyptic creature / mascot ) having new friends(strangers) every day in your house is ‘normal’. His favorite thing; greeting new friends at the door. He actually gets quite upset if you don’t realize that you’re suppose to ring the door-bell and WAIT. He will make you go back outside and do it properly; learn the game / rules new friends. We’re going to be spending some time together so we may as well get off on the right foot. We just entering the nerf gun stage, thankfully legos underfoot seem to have lost favor, at least for a while.

You really can’t explain being and InnKeeper. You can imagine what it might be like (wine helps) but you’d be wrong. We’re up before our guests and we’re usually the last to call it a night. There is no concept of “going to work” or being done. There is no concept of being caught-up, maybe we’re just too new at? There is definitely being behind; time is such a bear some times always chasing us. I think we’re just starting to understand what it is to be an InnKeeper, a truly rewarding lifestyle.

Welcome to our home; a whole lot of crazy going on here, but it’s a really great home!


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