One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today, we landed in Belleville (not unlike the Beverly Hillbillies with Granny strapped to the roof of the car) and started our journey as Innkeepers, gardeners, chambermaids, chefs and tea sandwich makers.  We knew nothing of the business and also knew he had about 14 days to prepare for the arrival of our first guests.

One year later, we have served over 2200 guests either breakfast, lunch, supper or for Afternoon Tea.  I know personally, I have baked over 1000 bran muffins for breakfasts, as I have depleted a sleeve of 1000 muffin liners.  Roger has probably poached over 1000 eggs for our awesome Eggs Benedict served every Sunday morning – this has become one of our traditions at the Inn.  We have worn out frying pans, poaching pans, towels and sheets, from frequent use/laundering.

The Inn has received the best care we could possibly provide her; most of her interior has received a fresh coat of paint, walls have been repaired and wood has been polished.  We have replaced her awnings and have extended our living space on the verandah, so that in inclement weather our guests can still enjoy the view of the Bay of Quinte. We will be furnishing the space with vintage style bistro tables and vintage bistro chairs.  Hopefully, we will expand our Afternoon Tea to include these three bistro tables and increase our seatings on Fridays and Sundays.

We have added a back verandah with only 3 stairs so that our guests who have mobility issues have an easier time getting into the Inn.  In doing this, we are also expanding our garden space so that the pathway to the back of the house is just as lovely as the front.  Our front gardens are having a huge overhaul this year as well – new shrubs and bushes are sitting on the spots in the gardens just waiting for the rain to stop so we can plant them!

We have hired staff this year to keep up with the day to day business of running an Inn; I cannot seem to spread myself thin enough to be the full time baker and keep on top of the paper work.  Sabine has joined us and has honestly been such a blessing already! Although, I do miss being praised for the awesome blueberry bran muffins fresh from the oven every morning… oh well, can’t do everything myself!

In taking on this adventure, I have been so blessed with everyone who has contributed to the growth of the business, the referbishing of the Inn, her gardens, and all of our property.  Mostly though, I am blessed to have my crazy partner in crime, Roger, who still laughs when we chat about our “big discussion” to buy the Inn – we seem to have great ideas that come to fruition over a bottle of wine.

The reservations keep pouring in for 2016, our summer is nearly full already, and we have a few weddings booked.  Of course, our 100 year anniversary gala garden party will be in September…guess I had better make the invitee list and send out some invitations.

Wish us luck for the 2016 season; before we know it I will be writing a 2nd year anniversary blog in 2017! 🙂

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