Countess of Grantham or Mrs. Hughes…

As we are coming to the end of our “down time”, we have been spending each night watching something on Netflix (we have cable…like 300 stations, but nothing has caught our eye of value to watch…30 stations containing a certain family and their parents does not equal quality tv in our minds).  We originally started with episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot – such a great series honestly, but for fear of leaving me behind while I put our little man to bed each night, Roger started watching Downton Abbey.  If I had a nickel for every time someone compared our home, lifestyle, and perceived life to those of the cast of Downton Abbey my mortgage would be paid off by now!

Quickly, we have shifted from David Suchet’s catch phrase of listening to his “little grey cells” to hating the nasty down stairs staff and rooting for the underdogs, whether down stairs residents or upstairs ones.  I wonder, honestly, what life would have been like here 100 years ago, when the house started being constructed and then once occupied.  I wonder what the cook was like – red-headed and bossy perhaps – to what the maids did to occupy their time all day, and night.  I wonder where the chauffeur took the Masters of the house, and the Ladies of the house.  I wonder what an average meal was like, what was prepared for afternoon tea.  I wonder, what the Lady of the house did to occupy her day…did she plan a garden party, or perhaps a meeting of the local Ladies’ Auxillary or Church Group.  I wonder if there was conflict, and scandal and secrecy in the back staircase…

So then I turn to our house and here it is….

The Lord and Lady…(lol, honestly…Laugh Out Loud)…we spend our day cooking and cleaning and waiting on our guests…hmmmm I think I see a problem here; so glad we aren’t being judged by the Dowager Countess (OR maybe we are…my mother, after all, has SO much to say about our lives here)

The hand maid…we made it absolutely clear to her that her employ here was not a gateway to becoming a professional chamber maid and insisted she go to college…ironically to be a nurse…go figure.  Yay Anna…or is it Sybil!?!

The cook, god bless the cook, or should I say, god bless the Pastry Chef – she starts officially in May, but has been a god send of support for many years to us… Thankfully she still pretty much has her eyesight, right Mrs. Patmore???

And of course we do have our own chauffeur…although he is much to old to be involved with our dear Sybil – he is more like the grand older bachelor cousin, twice removed….we haven’t actually met him on Downton as of yet, but he certainly plays a big part in the daily  squirrel report here at Montrose!

We have our heir, who is off to learn a trade and thankfully, will NOT, be taking a trip on the Titanic any time soon…we could refer to him as “what’s-his-name” I suppose…LOL – you know who you are… we also have our littlest heir, who knows, perhaps his part will be written into season 3 of the Abbey 🙂

So, my point of this is, we are coming in to our time here.  The reservations for Tea, and dinners and parties and overnight stays continue to pour in, either by phone or the internet; we are ramping up to have the gardens shaped up, the barn revamped, the verandah equipped with bistro tables and lovely new awnings.  Each day I wake up to either the task of baking, or working on books, or doing bank deposits and shopping for groceries for special events.  It is going to be a super-duper, exciting/scary busy season starting sooner, rather than later, and I cannot help but think that I am much more like Mrs. Hughes than the Countess…although, some days, I wish someone would brush my hair, and dress me in a lovely gown and I could ask the question “what is a week-end” (said in a very condescending english accent…LOL – God bless Maggie Smith)

Yup…Pretty much Mrs. Hughes, I best get my key chain and lock up the stock room and silver closet!

Oh…cannot wait to watch a new episode of the Abbey in about two hours! I think I am hooked 🙂 I mean how else am I to make my decisions about how to run the Inn?? LOL 😉



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