marketing-300x132Putting a shingle up was never so complicated I suspect when this house was built. Find a nice piece of lumber, a bit of paint, heck get a fancy wood carver and make a lovely sign. There you go, everyone knows who you are and what you are about; next task. The digital age, the wonder of information at your finger tips. It would be a whole lot easier if I knew where you’re fingertips might be….

There is one thing that never fails to amaze me; how many different “business listing” services there are and how ridiculously important it is that you are listed on each. Tourism Canada, Tourism Ontario, Tourism Quinte West, Trip Advisor, the list is endless. Each with their own flavour of how you need to list your particular business. I never thought about it, ok I did… i.e. why in the heck can’t I find this place… Well now I know, because it takes a ridiculous amount of time to find all these listing services, fill out the requisite forms and moderations and then ensure that they all the say the same thing.

Now when I search for something I find myself being a whole lot more patient. I’m sure it’s out here somewhere, poor sot, is probably up in the wee hours filling out forms and trying to convince moderators that truly a B&B is a business…

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