Happy Anniversary to Us!!!!

How time flies! Honestly, it seems like just yesterday, but it was exactly one year ago today that Roger and I, with two of our children, Spencer & Sarah, showed up at the Inn on our way to Quebec City for Carnival.

It was early evening, it was dark and there was snow up to Roger’s butt – I remember, because I thought I am not walking around the property in all of that snow! We walked thru the house in absolute awe…its size, its beauty, its charm – it was just like walking into a dream house.  We were here for more than an hour going into every room, measuring in our minds how our family would fit into this new environment.

The drive up to Quebec City was filled with discussions on how we were going to remodel our bathroom in our ensuite at the house on Sanderling.  Discussions on expanding the floor space in the upstairs hall to make a library/seating area.  Finish the basement for Spencer as a make-shift apartment while he attended college/university.  But after seeing the Inn, the conversation quickly changed to how are we going to make this work, how hard could it be to run a B&B, how easy will it be to work remote for Roger, how with the children adjust.  And then, one night, over a bottle of wine and a lovely supper in a quaint restaurant in Old Quebec City, the decision was made to buy the Inn!

Crazy two that we are, we jumped in feet first – or head first as some might think – and made an offer to purchase within about a week of visiting here.


I sit here in my office today, looking out my window into our yard…it is sunny, there is virtually no snow, the grass is almost green, the squirrels are frolicking in the yard…best decision ever!

Our season is already ramping up, lots of reservations coming in for lunches, Teas, and over-night stays.  We have seen so many guests already in 2016, I think it is going to be a great year! Weddings booked, bridal brunches, bridge clubs, so many people in the community calling to see about having their events here at the Inn.  We are making plans to expand, in so many ways.

Here’s looking to 2016…let’s see what this year has to offer… I am excited for this year’s adventures!


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