Where’s the Snow?

Deluxe28SHOThere is a point where you realize that you’re not going to clear your driveway using a snow shovel. I think it occurred to me when I was just walking up my driveway(s) and realized that my pedometer indicated that I had walked the better part of a kilometer. Guess that means MORE POWER….

So now that I have MORE POWER, where is the snow that was up to my backside when we toured this property a year ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we first toured the property. At that time walking around the property would have been more appropriately done using snowshoes. I was honestly looking forward to letting my new Snow Beast feed on copious quantities of snow. So far I’ve had to be satisfied with wisps of snow, but that has not taken away from the fun. This thing has a tonne of power; there I was being dragged down the driveway with my coat sleeve stuck on the handlebar conveniently holding tight the deadman switch. Ok, I wasn’t dead yet, but I was heading for the highway. If you happened to be driving by, no I was not practicing to join the river dance group, I was trying to get back on my feet!

Maybe the snow will come soon, maybe it will just be a wispy kind of winter; no matter I’m ready Mr Frost bring it on.

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