I accidentally bought an Inn!

Usually when I travel Suzette does a little shopping; little things for the house. This usually involves a trip to Value Village or perhaps an on-line decorator store or two. We both cope with my travel in our own ways. Well this time when I came home she had bought an Inn; that’s the way I’m going to remember it and I’m sticking to that story. It’s a little more complicated than that, but not by much. We had discussed buying an Inn one day as a form of semi-retirement. If you’re aware of my usual pace, it still qualifies as semi-retirement. Turns out the perfect Inn is available now, so even though it’s an upheaval of many aspects of our lives we’re off and running on our dream.

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  1. rmcilmoyle@gmail.com says:

    Didn’t even raise an eyebrow, thought check! One item off my list.

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